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Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Marra was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, a super star and a most awesome person. I've already recommend
her to all my friends and all my contacts at work. My next home WILL be done though her.
Marra was instrumental in every single step of the purchasing of the home. I would have not found a home if
it wasn't for her.

Bash Fields, Kent WA

If you are looking for a hard working,dedicated Professional Irina is the person to trust
Oleg Orting WA

Lian was great to work with and I have already recommended him to a couple of my friends. I think he is
especially great with first time homebuyers. My homebuying process was unique in that I switched units days
before closing. Lian did an amazing job navigating that and making sure I was able to get the corner unit that
I wanted.

Rachel Morowitz, Seattle

On Nov 12, 2020, the Venkataraman's gave Nit Niranjan an EXCELLENT ALL AROUND rating on the purchase of their property.  They further added "Nitya was excellent to work with and we are very pleased with our home purchase outcome. He was understanding, flexible, direct and courteous in working with us and our requirements.  Thanks, Nitya!" 

They concluded their comments with "As out of state buyers, we had some very unique needs and requirements. Nitya Niranjan took the time to explain the housing market in the Seattle area and the different options available to us. He showed us around various properties and was very helpful and courteous. He made himself available when necessary and took time to understand and answer all our concerns, requirements and questions. Nitya was able to lead us to close on the sale, working with the seller agent and sellers in a collaborative manner. At no moment did we feel that our requirements were overly compromised. We will be very happy to recommend Nitya to other folks, family and friends, interested in real estate in the Seattle area."

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On Nov 11, 2020, Madison Smith gave Lee Fenton an EXCELLENT ALL AROUND rating on the purchase of her property.  She further added "I was looking for someone that listened to what I was looking for and was patient and took the time to make sure I understood the home buying process.  Lee made sure I was an informed buyer every step of the way. Her local knowledge was also extremely helpful when we were looking at homes in different neighborhoods that I was less familiar with. Lee was always very responsive and got back to me quickly. She scheduled tours promptly and was kind and patient with us as new home buyers throughout the whole process."  She concluded with the following comment:  "Lee is the best! We are new homeowners and had no idea what
we were doing and Lee guided us through every step of the way. She was patient with us and was very honest about each house (what was great about it and not so great) which was immensely helpful. The offer she wrote was so clean and well written that it led to our offer being chosen over many others and we were able to buy our dream home."

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On Nov. 11, Sharada Rayan gave Anne Williams and EXCELLENT ALL AROUND rating on the purchase of her property.  She further added "Anne worked extra hard to ensure that I was happy. She paid attention to my needs and invested time into understanding where I would want to be and what would make me happy. I did not feel pressured by her at all. I would reecommend Anne to my
friends and am grateful for her help."

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Lindsay did a great job and worked through this tough sale. I will use her services in the future again.
Markus Dezelak

Marra Paradis is a worker of miracles. I was secretly convinced that I wasn't the house buying type; that I
wasn't financially able or mentally ready for that step. Through her vast knowledge of the process, her keen
understanding of my situation, and her incredible patience at my unending questions, she guided me to a
greater understanding of my strength and what I was capable of regarding home-ownership.
Marra is the type of person for whom the little things matter. More than once during our process I turned
around ready to email her a request only to find that she had anticipated it and was there with what I needed.
I feel like on her business cards under the word "realtor" should be "accomplished magician." A real estate
agent's job is to sell you a house, but a magician TAKES CARE of you, making sure you have a good
experience, and then at the end they cut the orange open and volia! there's your house key inside. Marra
Paradis TOOK CARE of me as I bought a home, and I couldn't have wished for a better partner in that.
If you're a human being with a brain and all its baked in worries and insecurities, and you wished you could
buy a home but aren't sure you can, the best thing you could possibly do is to ask for Marra by name.
Jon Kinarthy

On Nov 5, 2020, Angela Xuna Chen gave Pae Wen an EXCELLENT ALL AROUND rating on her performance as her Buying agent.

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In my 74 years of life, David is by far the best, most knowledgeable, professional real estate agent I have
ever worked with.
His knowledge and experience is above reproach.
David is the best!!!

Charles Crist. 2401 SW 45 th St., Redmond, OR 97756

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