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Why Choose Our Real Estate School?

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WE HAVE FREE TRAINING!! Ask us about our tuition reimbursement program and free brokerage provided post-license training. 


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Washington State Pre-License Academy of Real Estate


We know you have options from which to choose when deciding which Washington real estate school to enroll for the Pre-License Real Estate Course, so thank you for considering us for your education needs. ­


The CENTURY 21 Career Development and Academy of Real Estate is invested in your success! While other real estate schools only have an interest in getting the students to pass the state exam, we go beyond because we want you to join our team. We provide career coaching, office placement, mentoring and all of the continued education you will need to build your business.

Below are some testimonials and emails written to, or about the Academy of Real Estate:


I wanted to thank each one of you for your outstanding support throughout this journey. It certainly wasn’t possible without you guys.

The classes were amazing and the exam was filled with questions about the real estate knowledge that I have gained in those sessions. Thank you again for making it easy and fun learning for all of us. 


Toren, Linda, Patrick, and Paul not only covered all the material in the book, but managed to give us real life situations from their own experience. Even if I didn't want to be a broker, this course was worth every penny. Toren was a lot of fun, and I would have enjoyed working for him were it not for the convenience of the Lynnwood office near my house. Patrick took time out from his busy day and spent extra time with me on some of the course material. Shauna has gone above and beyond keeping up with all my questions. I am so proud to join Century 21, and hope I can be of value to the company. Thanks for a wonderful experience.!


Well done Toren, Patrick , Paul , Linda , Jim , Ken Shauna - Outstanding - communication and I look forward to working with all of you !


Toren, Paul, Linda, Ken and other were all fantastic. I enjoyed my course both live and on zoom. Very helpful and always available to talk when I call them for questions..


Toren is an amazing instructor that is extremely knowledgeable, helpful & reliable! I would recommend the course to anybody who’s interested in getting a strong education in RE.


I would highly recommend this specific course for those future RE professionals. The course was well covered and interactive! Very pleased!.


The Live Century 21 North Homes Realty Inc. Real Estate Pre-license course was an educational experience that helped prepare me to pass the Real Estate License Exam on my first attempt. Gary McMillen is a knowledgeable instructor and created a learning environment suitable for gaining and practicing the knowledge and skills useful for passing the Real Estate License Exam. McMillen was open to answer questions that students had and the classes were even recorded so that we could review the material at our convenience. McMillen also put together course material that was relevant to the Real Estate License Exam and there were practice examinations and even a mock exam with lunch provided. Shauna Hawthorne, the Director of Career Development,  was also a helpful guide through the process and helped set up entrance to the live course and job interviews as the course was being completed.

Thank you,
Colin B


Mr. McMillen,

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for your time and information that was passed along in the reviews and mock exam. I passed the broker's exam and am not sure I would not have been successful without the resources you provided.

Thanks again!

Sarah H


I took the Real Estate Brokers course through Century 21 in Everett, Wa. and was very pleased to PASS both the State Exam and the National Exam directly after completion of the course. The course instructor was very thorough and easy to understand. The course I took was offered in the evenings so as not to interfere with my busy schedule and was very affordable. I highly reccommend them for anyone looking to get into Property Management or Real Estate. Great school and instructor!!!!

Lori W


I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Century 21 North Homes live classes.  I was very pleased with my instructor Gary McMillen.  He was clear and to the point.  If you had any questions he made himself available for you.  He brought a wealth of knowledge from his many years of experience to class not to mention his sense of humor.  I can't believe I finished the course in four weeks, the time flew!  I learned so much in such a short time.  I would highly reccomend this live course.

Veronica R



Hi Gary! I just want to take a moment and thank you for the time and effort you put into making sure that we have what is needed to be successful in passing our test, but also in the real world Real Estate business. Your teaching style was perfect for my needs, and your patience for people is awesome.

I felt confident going in to take my test and passed the first time.(without even doing any mock exams!) In a very short period of time since, I have listed and sold my parents house, and now have an accepted offer on the house they are moving into. I have another client which I will be listing and helping the purchase of their new home as well.

Thanks again!

Carrie H


Dear Mr McMillen,­

I am writing you to say thanks and there's no way anyone of your students should ever fail the exam. I received my license yesterday. The first five questions and the last ten were the most difficult. The last 10 being a questionnaire on if I was a convicted felon. Couldn't concentrate on the questionnaire questions since I was quite anxious to find out if I had passed.­

I followed your suggestions and came over the night before. I was able to put all the old tests on the treadmill and reviewed the night before and the morning of the test.­

I'm still shocked how accurate and almost word for word your mock exams were.­


Anita J


Amazing real estate school. Gary is a very patient instructor, he knows his material really well. It's really easy to understand the material because Gary breaks it down so clearly with actual facts that makes you understand it so much faster. Very kind teacher with a good sense of humor, you will never get bored in his class.

Food E. (Yelp username)


I took my real estate training course with CENTURY 21 in 2004 and I have been a practicing Broker every since. I still remember some of the stories the instructor shared in order to help us absorb the information. Because honestly some of the state required material can be a little dry! So having a good instructor to engage the students and make it fun is so important. I later went on to take my Managing Broker Course which is not offered by C21, and the class was not nearly as fun and enjoyable.­

Shauna B.­



First let me say that it has been totally my privilege to be your student and I hope to make you proud as a peacock when I take the exam and pass it.­




Hi Gary,­

I only was in the live class a couple of times. I did attend the Saturday mock exams, and I found those extremely helpful. The live class is fantastic for the interaction and the way you explain difficult topics with ease. The sheets that you handed out with the math formulas made the 19-step math questions (ha!) less daunting. The only disadvantage that I think the live class had was the commute for me.­­

As for the on line class, I found it convenient to study when I had the time, however, it was hard for me to keep interested when some of the topics were confusing, or just plain boring.

I would recommend to anyone to attend the live class over the on line. Everything I learned in the handful of classes I attended live, I retained all the information.


Have a great day,

Dawn H.


CENTURY 21 North Homes Realty leverages the CENTURY 21 System to help you close more deals in less time. ­That's why we say... SMARTER.BOLDER.FASTER!

Mike M.