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Success Stories

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Why did you choose to activate your license and start your career with CENTURY 21­­­

After hearing horror stories from several close friends, that they were left to ‘sink or swim’ after joining a Real Estate Brokerage, I wanted to do my homework, before joining an office.  I didn’t want to throw away the considerable time, effort, and cost related to obtaining my Brokers license. 

When I interviewed at Snohomish office of Century 21 North Homes Realty, Inc. I was impressed with the Managing Broker.  I brought a list of questions that were answered in such a way that blew my expectations out of the water.  So, I signed on with Century 21, still a little skeptical, based on my many friends’ bad experiences with other Brokerages.

What followed amazed me.  I received immediate training that allowed me to hit the ground running.  I felt comfortable with the basics of transactions within days; my ‘book smarts,’ gained in school started to turn in to an ability to actually do the work, and do it well.

Not only did I receive excellent initial training, within days I was set up with all of the tools that I needed to start my business.  I was coached in building a website, had business cards ordered, and got contacts for the countless items needed in the business (signage, advertising etc.)

What continues to impress me to this day is the atmosphere fostered and Century 21.  I have always felt completely supported.  If I encounter an issue or have a question, my phone call is answered with “hey Jared, how can I help?”  

I am allowed to build my business at my pace, and with my own touch.   There is the opportunity to complete as much online training as one would ever want; Century 21 online is a fantastic resource for too many items to list.  In house training is consistently worth every second, and covers a broad spectrum of every thing Real Estate.  I feel lucky to have found Century 21, and couldn’t be happier that I took the leap in to Real Estate."

--Jared Shoop, Snohomish Branch


Why did you choose to activate your license and start your career with CENTURY 21­­­

"The reason I choice Century 21 is because it really was my first choice all along. I signed up with Remax after my Century 21 license training with Gary because I believed I could jump right in and become successful overnight. I know that still could be the case with any firm that you sign up with however I was in over my head so I left. Had a time where my license was with the state active but not with a firm until I knew I was ready to get my feet in the game again. I choose Century 21 because of the extended training that goes on after you sign up that doesn't cost extra. I choose Century 21 because it is a Name Brand that has been well known in the Industry longer than most. I remember when I told Gary the teacher at Century 21 in Lynnwood I wasn't sure about were I would land and he said to me. Of course you will choose Century 21. And eventually I did."

--Kimber Baird, Snohomish Bracnh


"Being able to interact with the Instructor and other class members was a great benefit over just interacting with the computer."

"I appreciated the help in getting the license and Office team was very welcoming to me as a new agent."
--Floyd Taylor, Everett Branch
Floyd Taylor, Everett Branch



Which CENTURY­21 tool has most helped you become a successful agent­­­

"I really like the e-newsletters that are provided, as well as the flyers one can generate through the C21 system."

What is your favorite part about being a real estate agent­­­

"I like the flexibility and autonomy that comes with this job. Mostly, though, I like being a part of seeing the joy on someone's face when they have acquired the dream of home ownership, or were able to sell their home and move on with their life plans."
--Debbie Matteson, Everett Branch

Debbie Matteson, Everett Branch


Why did you choose to activate your license and start your career with CENTURY 21­­­

"The company's commission split structure, the office fees, opportunities for referrals, as well as the incoming business that the brand itself brings in due to it's worldwide reach."

What is your favorite part about being a real estate agent­­­

"Helping people find their new homes, and sell the homes they've loved is emotionally rewarding. It's great to have a job which, when done well, benefits the client's well being in more ways than just one."

Which CENTURY 21 tool has most helped you become a successful agent­­­

"The team. If I didn't have an office full of mentors selflessly helping me, I wouldn't be the agent I am today"

--Gavin Gregory, Seattle Branch