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Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

On Nov. 11, Sharada Rayan gave Anne Williams and EXCELLENT ALL AROUND rating on the purchase of her property.  She further added "Anne worked extra hard to ensure that I was happy. She paid attention to my needs and invested time into understanding where I would want to be and what would make me happy. I did not feel pressured by her at all. I would reecommend Anne to my
friends and am grateful for her help."

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Lindsay did a great job and worked through this tough sale. I will use her services in the future again.
Markus Dezelak

Marra Paradis is a worker of miracles. I was secretly convinced that I wasn't the house buying type; that I
wasn't financially able or mentally ready for that step. Through her vast knowledge of the process, her keen
understanding of my situation, and her incredible patience at my unending questions, she guided me to a
greater understanding of my strength and what I was capable of regarding home-ownership.
Marra is the type of person for whom the little things matter. More than once during our process I turned
around ready to email her a request only to find that she had anticipated it and was there with what I needed.
I feel like on her business cards under the word "realtor" should be "accomplished magician." A real estate
agent's job is to sell you a house, but a magician TAKES CARE of you, making sure you have a good
experience, and then at the end they cut the orange open and volia! there's your house key inside. Marra
Paradis TOOK CARE of me as I bought a home, and I couldn't have wished for a better partner in that.
If you're a human being with a brain and all its baked in worries and insecurities, and you wished you could
buy a home but aren't sure you can, the best thing you could possibly do is to ask for Marra by name.
Jon Kinarthy

On Nov 5, 2020, Angela Xuna Chen gave Pae Wen an EXCELLENT ALL AROUND rating on her performance as her Buying agent.

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In my 74 years of life, David is by far the best, most knowledgeable, professional real estate agent I have
ever worked with.
His knowledge and experience is above reproach.
David is the best!!!

Charles Crist. 2401 SW 45 th St., Redmond, OR 97756

As a first-time home buyer, it mattered to me that my agent would take the time to explain each step of the
buying process and our agent (Laura Croll) did exactly that. We had a lot of questions and she always took
the time to explain things in a few different ways, making sure we understood fully before proceeding.
Additionally, she always made herself available, even when I wouldn't have minded hearing back later (I
remember saying something to the effect of "Laura, it's okay -- we can talk about this tomorrow instead of at
9 PM on SUNDAY", but that's just who she is -- always putting you first. I would highly recommend Laura to
any home buyers out there, whether it's your first time or not.
Gabe, SE Portland

On Nov 3, 2020, Tami Lynn gave John Dorsey an EXCELLENT all around rating on the purchase of her property.  She added "John went above and beyond when he showed me the house. It
was in serious need of repair. He alerted the selling agent to safety concerns which were immediately corrected. He suggested other homes in the area, but I knew this home was the one I wanted, even with the repair issues. He then worked diligently to close this deal quickly even though the Escrow company had set a date I could not work. with. We closed in record time!"  She also commented "I am already familiar with the location so I never sought help.on that. John followed my lead and focused his attention on what I wanted done. He was a pleasure to work with."  She concluded her remarks with "John was not pushy and listened to what I told him. He even came out late in the evening so I could show the house to my son-in-law who lives in Poulsbo and had to take a ferry after work to get there. He is going to do the repairs on the house and I needed his insight before I closed the deal."

On Nov 3, 2020, Jeri Sorensen gave Shini Pao an EXCELLENT all around rating on the listing of her property.  She further added "Shini is great! Loved working with her! Century 21 is so lucky to
have her on their team!"  Then commented "Shini Pao is a highly knowledgeable realtor and a great advocate for her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing a realtor to sell their home. She also represented me when I first purchased the home I recently sold. She was a great buyer's advocate for me as a single woman looking to buy in the city. She was honest and did not hesitate to tell me when she thought a home I was interested in was not a good fit. Let's face it the Seattle the market is crazy! It's important to have a realtor that really listens their clients, and
Shini does that. I value her advice and she took good care of me. I can't say enough good things about her. Love you Shini!

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On Nov 3, 2020, Deborah Jay gave Marissa an EXCELLENT ALL AROUND rating on the purchase of her home.  She further commented "Marissa is a great realtor. She's been a solid companion for me throughout my search and subsequent purchase of my new home. She is responsive and attentive and resourceful, and goes out of her way to assure a smooth transaction. I highly recommend her."

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I grew up in the house and inherited it when my mom passed. Cyndi made the experience much less
stressful than it could have been. She was patient with me. She provided guidence and used her extensive
experience and list of contacts to make the process very smooth. My husband has used multiple agents over
the last 10 years and said that if we were to stay in the WA area he wouldn't use anyone but Cyndi ever
The experience was pretty seemless. Cyndi guided us through the process and while there were stressful
moments, the overall experience was very painless.
Jennifer, Lake Stevens

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