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Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Friendly, responsive service and prompt communication made it a pleasure to work with Nora Mazonson!
Nora was great at following up with other parties in our home purchase. We felt very comfortable to email her
with any questions, and she always replied in a timely manner. She was also accessible by text and phone

Nora did a good presentation of her and the company she represent and take the time to explain any cuestión
profesional and respectful i recommend Nora to friends and families because explain everything in Spanish
to better understanding and take the time to show any property I want to see thanks Nora Mazonson

It was a great experience working with her. She is very considerate on our work hours always available.

Nora is awesome and amazing and she was Patient.
Nora Deserves a couple days off with pay
Nora is awesome

Nora Mazonson is an excellent person who helped us to find my beautiful Josué

When we first met Nora, she was personable, professional, and organized. We knew from the beginning that
we wanted to continue to work with her throughout the process. Nora quickly became a friend while still
remaining professional. We had so much fun looking at properties with her, and she was always honest
about pros and cons of each place, helping us pinpoint what was important to us in a new home. She is
clearly passionate about what she does, and she goes above and beyond her job description to make the
house buying process as painless as possible. She often met us late in the evenings due to our late work
schedules. I can’t imagine going through the at times arduous house buying process without Nora by our side!

My husband and I were very grateful that Nora helped us with getting estimates for a new roof, who to
contact for well and septic inspection, and to service the furnace. With both of us working full-time we did not
have a lot of time to follow-up with these services and Nora kept us updated on the progress.
I enjoyed working with Nora, she was very nice and understanding of what we needed. She kept us updated
on all the inspections and repairs that were needed.
She was very friendly and personable.

Emily helped us purchase our first home. She was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process.
During our home search we looked at quite a variety of properties ranging from extreme fixer-uppers to move
in ready homes. Emily was very helpful through the home search and willing to visit any properties! She was
respectful of our budget and we didn’t feel pressured to spend more than we wanted, or compromise on our
must-haves. We would be confident to use Emily as both a listing and/or buying agent in the future. Thanks

She has been a delight to work with.

As I previously stated, Duane Gish was always available to answer any questions and help in any way we
needed. He kept us informed and gave us tips on how to best present our home for sale. We enjoyed doing
business with him and would highly recommend him to our friends and family. He was a pleasure to work

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