10 Family-Fun Lawn Games for Summer

by CENTURY 21 North Homes

Do you have a backyard, front yard, or nearby park you can put to use? Save Scrabble and Monopoly for rainy nights — these games will help you, your family, and friends make the most of the summertime!

Lawn Scrabble: Okay, who doesn't love scrabble!?!  Take it to another level and make it a little more interesting by playing a life-size Scrabble game outside. Cut cardboard into large square pieces, and write the letters on with a marker. Run around the yard making your moves. (via Constantly Lovestruck)

Bean Bag Toss: A classic game that will keep the whole family entertained. Simply toss bean bags through the board. Decorate your boards together as a fun family DIY project.  This is also easy to tote around to the park or other gatherings.

Giant Jenga: Another board game come to life. Use plywood and make Jenga pieces. See who can keep the tower from toppling!

Ring Toss: Make a DIY ring toss set. Spend time testing your hand eye coordination! Warning: this game can be strangely addictive!

Mini Golf: Buy a mini golf set so you can practice your putt! Then try taking your skills to an actual mini golf course with the family after. Here’s hoping for a hole in one.

Outdoor Bowling: Set up an outdoor bowling lane and see who can get a strike!  You can use empty milk jugs or pop bottles as pins!

Tag: You don’t need any accessories for a game of tag. You’ll get exercise while running around, and your kids may actually be looking forward to nap time!

Kickball: Kickball may bring back PE class flashbacks, but it’s a game the entire family will enjoy. Kick the kickball and run as fast as you can around the bases!

Water Balloon Fight: Water balloons make everything more exciting. Beat the heat with a water balloon fight! Check out these fast-filling water balloons (Walmart).

Basketball: Can’t go wrong with the classics. If you don’t have a hoop, attach a basketball net on your garage door. Your family can play countless games of horse or just shoot hoops. Or make it a bit more interesting: Split up into teams, and have the loser prepare dinner!

We want to know your favorite family lawn games! Let us know on our Facebook page or mention us on Instagram. Enjoy summer fun as a family!

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