Michele Ohge

Michele Ohge

Michele Ohge, Realtor. Listening to & putting my clients FIRST!

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • 206-387-2613
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  • 11330 Roosevelt Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98125
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Why Real Estate

I have 30+ years of work with various job titles, but it boils down to the skills that I used the most were listening to what my customer thought that they needed and wanted; then working with them to find or create the product that met their most important needs and wants.

For just about my whole life I have been interested in homes and real estate, so why get into the actual buying and selling at this point in time? Because I was given the opportunity of not having a structured job, I knew that I wanted to help people with something that would be meaningful in their lives (other than generating data and reports) and that I was truly interested in and that would stretch my skills and keep me learning.

Personal Background

I have lived in Seattle, as my father did, all my life. 

I was 4 years old when my dad and a friend of the family began remodeling our house and I learned to love home remodeling and tools. All through my childhood I looked at houses made decisions and judgments about what I saw and what I liked. Over the years as our family grew and our needs changed, my father continued to remodel the family home and I continued to learn about structure and tools.

When I bought my own home, it wasn’t the home of my dreams, but it met the most important needs, and for the first few years it was just a house. Through the years I was able to make it my HOME, not just a house. During my mid-30’s I wanted to become a Realtor, but it was not to be. To continue my interest and love of houses & landscaping I volunteered for 8 years to be a host at the Seattle Street of Dreams homes. Each year I made sure that I was a host at each of the homes, learning the differences in style, structure, building materials, and interior and exterior design.




Personal Interests

My Hobbies:

  • Reading
  • Gardening – I designed my front yard to be all garden as well as the walkway and stairs; there is color and fragrance all year round. My back yard is currently in a transition phase – creating new vegetable and fruit beds and planters.
  • Photography
  • Knitting – 12 custom sized afghans; dozens of dish cloths including making my own designs for family and friends; one sweater; dozens of scarves; two hats
  • Woodworking – current project is making custom wall unit and cabinet door & drawer fronts for bathroom out of Curly & Birdseye White Maple; other projects include bird houses; cat scratch post & seat; Cheese boards
  • Crafting:  Paper – cards for Birthdays, Thank You, Holidays, made a line of Thank You cards for a Floral Designer to give to Wedding clients; generally they are mixed media using ink stamps, computer, photographs, and various accessories
  • Crafting:  Concrete pavers – for my gardens, embellished with glass pieces, marbles and polished stones
  • Crafting:  Beach materials – driftwood, shells, stones and glass to make wind chimes, address posts, door “wreaths”

Community Involvement

For about 20 years now, I have been a certified emergency responder for my neighborhood and block watch captain/co-captain. 

I was previously involved with the Shoreline Arts and Crafts Festival.


I enjoy working with first-time buyers

helping people declutter and organizing their homes

working with sellers that need to downsize or with families that need to find other home based alternatives for their loved ones.

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