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Mercer Island, named for the Mercer family of Seattle, was first settled between 1870 and 1880. The Mercer brothers often rowed between the island and Seattle to pick berries, hunt, and fish. Those brothers, Thomas Mercer and Asa Shinn Mercer, are members of the Mercer family of Virginia. The first large settlement, East Seattle, was toward the northwest side of the island—near the McGilvra neighborhood. During 1889, a C C Calkins built a large and gilded resort, the Calkins Hotel. The hotel was reached via steamboat between Madison Park, Leschi Park, and the Eastside. Burnt by a mysterious fire, the hotel was razed during 1908.

The Calkins Landing continued service and presumedly aided location of a more permanent population. A denser urban community with business district developed toward the central northern island between the McGilvra neighborhood and Luther Burbank Park. This community now composes the majority of the island's crest through the Middle Island neighborhood.

In 1928, the East Channel Bridge was built to connect the island with Bellevue, Washington. In 1930, George W Lightfoot requested a bridge between Mercer Island and Seattle. The Lacey V Murrow Memorial Bridge, currently the second longest floating bridge on Earth, was built and opened in 1940. In 1989, a second bridge, the Homer M Hadley Memorial Bridge, was built parallel to the Lacey V Murrow Memorial Bridge. The East Channel Bridge, Lacey V Murrow Memorial Bridge, and Homer M Hadley Memorial Bridge, carry Interstate 90 from Seattle, through Mercer Island, and into Bellevue. (Another floating bridge, the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge—Evergreen Point, was built across Lake Washington in 1963, north of Mercer Island. It connects Seattle and Medina.)

The island was mentioned on the hit TV show Frasier, which was set in Seattle. The reference depicted it as being dinky and unimportant. Frasier, at the time, was trying to find a good agent to publicize his radio show. He discovered a good candidate who had done publicity work for the fictional Mercer Island Zoo. Character Daphne Moon implied he had done poorly at achieving notoriety for the zoo, remarking, "There's a zoo on Mercer Island now?"

The City of Mercer Island was incorporated from East Seattle on 5 July 1960 and composed of all the island less the 70 acre (280,000 m²) business district. Just over one month later, 9 August, the Town of Mercer Island was incorporated from that business district. The two aforementioned municipalities merged as the City of Mercer Island 19 May 1970.

"Aerial view of Seward Park and Mercer Island" by Dcoetzee - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

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