You Must Interview SEVERAL Real Estate Agents


You literally have ONE chance to do it right.  Every decision has the power to make a difference in the sale of your home.  

1. Every Agent has a different way of doing the same job.  You have to choose some who has a style you can work with. 

2. TOOLS! Ask each candidate about the tools they use on a daily basis...iPad? Phone? Laptop? 

3. What can they offer you? They work for you...ask them why you should hire them.  

4. Discuss their marketing plan, in detail.

5. Talk about communication, and what you expect from your agent.  

6.  Ask hard questions.  Ask them how many listings they sell on average, per year.  Ask them why they are a Real Estate Agent.  If their eyes don't twinkle when they are talking about how much they love their job...move on to the next one.

Bottomline is this: Your Agent should love your home, as much as you do.  Your Agent should want to sell your home as badly as you do.  

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