Why For Sale By Owners Finally Use Agents

For Sale By Owners end up using a Realtor 94% of the time after they try on their own. Their are many struggles to this. One is the buyers don't feel comfortable around the seller while they look through the home. Its hard to look through cupboards, closets with an owner looking over your shoulder. Another problem is buyers say they are on their way to look at the property and they never show up so the seller wastes a lot of time waiting for no shows instead of doing errands or important things that he needs to be out doing. For sale by owners also show their home to a lot of unqualified buyers. These are people who give the for sale by owner false hopes that they are serious buyers - but instead they are dreamers. Real estate agents are able to separate this and know the difference because they require the necessary documentation prior to showings. Buyers often tell the sellers they will come back to buy and so the seller waits around for weeks hoping the buyer will show back up but it never happens. These are just some of the pains of an owner selling by him or herself.

Why use a Realtor? 

Using a Realtor will help you have the necessary documentations for a transaction that a buyers agent needs. The agent needs this paperwork prepared to make the transaction and the seller who tries on his own does not know what type of documents are necessary so most likely the buyers agents will need to go somewhere else. 

You Get More Money Using An Agent

Here is a quote from Realtor magazine: "the average FSBO sales price was $174,900, while the average price for a home represented by an agent was $215,000, a difference of $40,100." Wow, Can You believe that?


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