Selling Your Home this Winter

The end of summer has arrived and those who have wanted to put their homes on the market are thinking twice about doing it during the winter. However, this may be the best time to do so.


There is always someone looking to buy a home, but the biggest thing about buyers in the later part of the year is that they are the most serious about their purchase.  They may be transferring or relocating with their careers, they may be empty nesters with kids off to college and need to downsize or having a new baby and need more room, they may be going through a major life change like a divorce; whatever the reason they are looking to move because they need to, not because they want to.

 Plus they are often more willing to pay top dollar and be prepared with the financing for the purchase.  They are likely going to pull the trigger if they can only find a suitable home.  Inventory is typically lower in December and January so there is less competition.  Statistics show that homes that are on the market are 9% more likely to sell and will typically sell a week faster during the winter months. 

No matter the reason, there is a buyer in every season so make sure you have a professional advising you of the market conditions in your area and how to price your home to take advantage of the winter selling season. 

-Cory Rogers

The Rogers Team