Only one small part of what I love about this line of work is the variety of people I get to meet. I have a few folks looking for homes right now, two of the couples said some things which made me think of the other.


One couple said that they have heard that it’s hard to sell a home which was built before 2008, that the construction standards used since 2008 have been so good that ­these homes are high quality and easy to sell.

Another couple, while contemplating a new build, said that they are familiar with the inferior materials and quality of new homes and would make their decision accordingly.


Both. Neither.

Poor quality doesn’t belong to the recent, nor does it to the past. Likewise, neither does good quality. Many materials have gone through a technological change for the better (such as triple pane windows which are better than single pane), but they’ve also gone through a change towards being less expensive and sometimes that means using lower quality materials.

So how do you know­ Well, a home inspection is the best way. When you buy a home you’ll (usually) get it inspected and that inspector will do their best to see everything. While this is rarely invasive (breaking through a wall to see what’s inside since you’d need the seller’s blessing to do so), it does include them crawling around the attic and beneath the house where building materials and standards can often be seen.

So, my advice is to not focus on­the age of the home. There are many­extremely well built homes from every decade and some poorly built newer homes (and vice versa)… get a professional opinion on the home you take an interest in, and have them speak to you about the materials and quality of work, etc. and happy hunting!

Photo by:­https://www.flickr.com/photos/livinginacity/

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