Geting Ready For Your Big Date

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This is the second my series of blog posts on the Ten Questions That May Help Your House Sell Faster.   Today we are focusing on question #2:

Have I done everything possible to improve the curb appeal of my house?


This is a simple question on the face of it, but many sellers seem confused as to where to start, what to do, and what is the most effective way to improve curb appeal.


Curb appeal is critical as it makes sure that potential buyers for your home are given the best possible first impression of your property.  


Just as you would take certain steps to pretty yourself up for a date with a new suitor, you want to take similar steps to pretty up your home. The following tips are adopted from this article, found on


Start with a bath.  

I realize you bathe yourself on a regular basis, that’s not what I mean!  What I mean is, give your home a bath.  Get out the scrub brush, mop bucket, and some soapy water, and get that grit and grime off the exterior of your home.  Rent a power washer if necessary and spray away any mold, mildew, or cobwebs.  Don’t forget to wash the garage door and sidewalks while you are at it.


Brush your teeth.  

Ha!  Once again, I’m not talking about personal hygiene. I’m talking about your windows and sliding glass doors.  I know washing windows is nobody’s favorite task, but making that glass shine and sparkle will really help your home stand out.


Put on a new dress.

Did I say dress?  I meant coat.  As in coat of paint of course.  Adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home just makes good sense.  Stick with the same color as the underlying coat, now is not the time to grab that neon green paint that is on sale.  Unless your house is already neon green, in which case, go for it!


Fix your hair.

Ok ok.  I know you are onto my game by now. Hehe.  In this case I’m talking about your property’s hair?  Wait.  Your house doesn’t have hair does it?  It does have a roof though.  Take a look, what kind of shape is it in?  Does it look like it needs repairs, or is it clean, neat, and tidy?  It may be worth spending a few hundred dollars to hire a professional cleaning crew to untangle the mess.


Shine your shoes.  

Hmm. I may be pushing the boundaries of this analogy a bit, but if the roof of your home is your property’s hair, then the yard is your shoes.  Make it pretty!  Go ahead and rake up those leaves. Take a weed-whacker to the sidewalk.  Put down fresh sod and get rid of any pesky weeds or brown spots.  Remember, if it looks clean and green it will net you more “green” -   money, of course.



Your home is now clean, pretty, and ready to shine.  Really make it “pop” with a few finishing touches.  Add some color by planting flowers, or paint your front door a bright color like blue or red.  Also, don’t neglect your mailbox.  Replace that old wooden box, or dented metal box, with one that shines like new.  Those last finishing touches can give your home that million-dollar curb appeal without breaking your budget.


Put it all together, and in just a few steps you have maximized your curb appeal.  You will likely attract more buyers, get your home under contract more quickly, and enjoy more money in your pocket from the proceeds.

Thanks for reading my blog post, and contact me directly for your free curb-appeal checklist and market analysis.

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