FEBRUARY Birthdays & Anniversaries

Happy Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

Happy Birthday and Congratulations to the following C21NHR Team Members in February, how exciting!


12-Debra Lamana-TAC

15-Kathi Krogh-EVE, Vicki Stevens-SNO

19-Arnolfo Javier-LYN

21-Jennifer Calozzi-SEA

26-Justin Stensby-EVE


12-Michael Killmer-19yrs-GM

17-Marina Donovan-1yr-LYN

19-Daniel Rike-2yrs-LYN

20-Debra Moses-7yrs-TAC, Connie Moulaison-2yrs-MtV

23-Jennifer Calozzi-7yrs-SEA

24-Patrick Johnson-11yrs-LYN

26-Gavin Gregory-2yrs-SEA

Hope you ALL have amazing birthdays and pat yourselves on your back for your continued success, whether it's your 1-year anniversary or your 19th!