Being a New Agent Things you need to know and do

Being a new agent can be hard at first, and costly.­ ­ If you have some knowledge about Real Estate it is a little easier.­ But if you have no knowledge it can be very difficult.­ There is a lot of stuff to know in order to get going.

Things you need to get started:

  • Go to the MLS and take the Listing Input Class and Matrix Class
  • You will have NWMLS Dues to pay
  • Then there is the Key to get into homes so you can preview.­ Which I recommend the phone app.­ I don't know how many times I got somewhere and my key was back on the charger on my desk.­ Just make sure you update it daily before you head out.
  • SCCAR dues to pay and there orientation class to attend.
  • Next you need to decide if you want to buy signs or open house signs.­ Someone will usually let you borrow some from your office but you are promoting their name if you use them
  • You will be called by everyone out there to sign up for stuff.­ I don't recommend buying zip codes.­ You get locked into a contract and some of the people you talk to don't tell you that.­ I had one tell me I could cancel at any time and when I tried I was locked in for a year

Then there is all the Office stuff:

  • You have passwords for everything.­­ Office computers to log on to them and copy machines.
  • You will have to set up passwords for all your log in's for MLS, SCCAR, email,­ your C21 site and others.
  • You will need to put together your website on My C21 corp site and Century 21 North Homes site.
  • You will need to set up Facebook business page, Linked in, Twitter, and Google +, Zillow, Trulia and put on a short bio about yourself.
  • You will need to order business cards.­ Make sure you have them looked at by the manager before you order.­ You can not leave a card in a house that has solicitation on it.­ You want to make sure you have all the right stuff logos ect.
  • You will need to order Name badge express docs on C21 site is a good place to go.
  • Then there is Lead Router.­ You will need to have the person in charge of that area set you up to watch the short video to be able to access Lead Router and get leads on the rotation.­
  • You will need to sign up for Create 21.
  • As in your license training they talk about a Sphere.­ (SOI) Start putting that list together right away.­ Write note cards put a business card in it and send them to everyone you know and let them know you are doing Real Estate.­ Get the word out.­ Ask your manager for the trigger sheet list.
  • You will want to take the New Agent Training classes.
  • Put together a Listing Presentation (on Tool Kit CMA)
  • Watch the Buyer's Presentation video
  • Make sure you get a nice head shot for your business cards.
  • Floor Duty.­ Get on the schedule so you are getting the floor calls coming in to help with business.

Other things you will need to know:

Put a note book together of forms: (there should be check sheets)

  • Listing Packet
  • Purchase and Sales with the other forms that go along with it
  • Scripts that you will be using for when you are making calls or talking to people.
  • MLS abbreviations
  • Phone List
  • Floor Schedule

People you will want to get to know:

  • Title Rep.­ get to know a few so you have choices.
  • Escrow officers same as reps get to know a few.
  • Mortgage officers
  • Inspectors

You will find that you will get a lot of help from people in your office if you ask.­ Don't worry about the questions just ask.­ What you might think is a dumb question might be a very smart question.­ Not asking could also get you in over your head.

You need to read your contracts and get to know them.­ Know what they mean because you will need to explain them to your buyers and sellers.­ As we were told know them backwards and forwards.­ Practice your presentations video yourself doing a presentation.­ It will help you see where you need the most help.­ Role play with people in your office or your family members.­ Same with the buyer's appointment, know your contracts.­ Practice video tape yourself.­ Make sure that you listen to your clients and not just hear what YOU want to hear.­ You will go along way if you listen and let them do the talking.

In closing welcome to the fun world of being in Real Estate.­ I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do.­ There will be days you hate your job or you are just swamped but it is the most rewarding job you could ever do.­ You are helping someone buy their dream.

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